Photoshop interface quick tour part 2 ( photoshop tools)

In previous article I covered menu bar and option bar. Today, toolbar! Photoshop toolbar is very important part of photoshop. Learning functions of all photoshop tools  is must for photoshop beginner . In this tutorial I will cover functions of few important tools.I will cover all tools in detail afterwards. I am going to explain toolbar of photoshop CS 6 (latest version) . If you have previous version, no problem! Photoshop CS 6 has some new tools but many tools are same and functions are similar as previous version.

First check whether toolbar is visible or not! If toolbar is  not present then go to menu ‘Window’ on menu bar and click on option ‘tools’ , present at bottom of drop down list.

1. Move tool ( v )move tool
Move tool is used to move things. To move things, hold left mouse key and drag wherever you want and drop. Move tool is basically used to move layers.

2.  Marquee tool (M)rectangular morquee tool
This tool is used to select rectangular shaped areas. Then selected areas can be copied and pasted on new layers. To select perfect square , hold shift key and draw. To move selection, place your mouse pointer inside selection and drag area by holding left mouse key. Changes you do on image are restricted to the selected area.

3. Lasso tool (L)lasso tool
Lasso tool work same as marquee tool but it is used to select  non regular shapes. Used for free hand selection.

4. Magic Wand tool (W)magic-wand-tool
Handy tool . It is used to select same color object . When you click somewhere on image , it will select all pixels which has approximately same color as clicked pixel.

5.  Crop tool (C) crop tool
Crop tool allows you to crop image to desired size.

6.Eyedropper tool (I)eyedropper tool
Basic function of this tool  is to select color of pixel on which you clicked. Generally used to set foreground or background color.

7. Healing tool (J)healing brush tool
This tool is helpful  for photo retouching, removing unwanted spots or scratches.  It is also used in facial retouching.

8. Clone tool (S)clone tool
Clone tool is used to copy some area and paste it on other.

9. Eraser (E)eraser
As we all know, eraser is used to remove unwanted portion of image.

10. Paint bucket tool (G)paint bucket tool
It is used to fill  specific area with some color . It is not much useful tool , hardly any use!

11.  Blur toolblur tool
Blur tool is used to blur specific area . We can change amount of blur and blur tool size.

12. Dodge tooldodge tool
When you paint with this tool , it brightens the area.

13. Burn toolburn tool
This tool is used to darken the area.

14. Pen tool (P)pen tool
Pen tool helps to create vector shapes. Also useful to create paths.

15.  Type tool (T)type tool
Using this tool we can add text to image. Font, color and other properties of text can be changed.

16. Path selection tool (A)path selection tool
This too is used to select and edit path.

17.  Shape tools (U)shape tool
These tools are used to draw different shapes.

18.  Zoom toolzoom tool
Handy tool. Used to zoom and zoom out of an image.

It was just overview of photoshop tools. I will cover each tool in detail later. Any doubt, leave your valuable comment !


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  1. Nice explanation dud. I was really not aware what was some tools in Photoshop but not I know each and all of them…
    Atul Kumar Pandey recently posted…How to Write Acknowledgement Within Your ProjectMy Profile

  2. great explanation, thanks
    could you explain paths because i had absolutely no idea how to use them?
    Siegfried recently posted…How to install WordPress themeMy Profile

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