Photoshop interface quick tour part 1

Photoshop interface is tricky.There are lot’s option ,menus and panels in photoshop interface . And it’s really difficult to understand  for photoshop beginner. .It’s obvious.Don’t worry ! In this series of articles  I will  cover complete photoshop interface!  Lets start!

4 sections of photoshop interface

  1. Upper section which contain menu bar , option bar and application bar.
  2. Left section contain very important tool panel.
  3. Right section contain palettes such as layer , histogram , color panels etc.
  4. And finally document window present at the center .

photoshop interface

So I am going to cover these 4 section in 4 separate posts. Today I will cover upper section i.e. menu bar , option bar and application bar.

1. Menu Bar

photoshop cs 6  extended menu bar (windows machine)

menu bar

Menu bar is comman in all software or program. photoshop menu bar is present at top of interface . Menu bar  has 9-10 menus and each menu has 20 – 30 sub-menus. When you click on menu a list of sub-menus opens. For example , when you click File menu list of sub-menus like new, open, browse in bridge etc are opened. As I already  said there are 20-30 sub-menus in each menu, it is donkey work to explain all these sub-menus here. I will explain these sub-menus when needed.  We can change color of sub-menus ,visibility of menus and their shortcut, If you don’t know how to do it read this How to customize menus?

2. Option Bar

Option bar is present below menu bar. Content of option bar is not fixed . It changes according to tool selected. Option bar is different for each tool of tools panel . Main purpose of option bar is edit settings of tools. Such as font size, font color of  type tool.

Type tool option bar

type tool option bar

Eraser tool option bar

option bar

3. Application bar

Application bar was intentionally  removed from photoshop CS6  for more space and less complexity. Application bar is available in photoshop cs 5 and cs 4.  You will find it next to menu bar in windows system and below menu bar in MAC. Application bar contain bridge , rulers, guides, zoom level, full screen modes etc.

option barI stop here. Stay tuned for next posts of photoshop interface series . In next article, I will cover very important tools panel . You have any question or if I missed something , leave comment below.

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