Digital pixel – Every photoshop user must know

Photoshop is raster based program that deals with pixel ( digital pixel ). In digital imaging , pixel is smallest picture element that can be displayed on screen. Before we learn different photoshop technique and tricks,it is important to know most basic part of image i.e. pixel. So let’s start with what is pixel i.e digital pixel .

What is digital pixel?

  •   Pixel is smallest part of image that can not be further divided.Pixels are building blocks of image.
  •   Each image consist of thousands of pixel arrange in rows and columns.
  •   Pixel is square in shape.Each pixel may have different colors and size.Resolution and size(Memory)  of image depends on number of pixels present in an image.

Let’s see practically ,What is pixel actually?

Open an image in photoshop and Zoom in upto 3200%.Now you will see distorted image which is made up of tiny thousands of square.Each square is called as pixel.You will observe that each pixel has slightly different color.So all pixels of different colors combine to form a beautiful image.


How to check number of pixel present in an image?

Open an image in photoshop.Go to “Image” menu and click “Image size”.


Image size ” dialogue  box will open. In this box, under pixel dimensions section you will see width and height .Width part shows number of pixel present in single row and Height part shows number of pixels present in single column. So total pixels available in an image can be calculated by formula      Total pixels in an image=Width*Height.

You can change number pixel in a row or column by changing values of Width and Height.If you wanted to decrease file size (memory) decrease number of pixels i.e. width or height. I also decreases quality of image.

That is all about digital pixel, if you have any key information about it share below. ( 96ST5JAAAT9J )


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  1. Hi Gaurav vichare, Detailed info about digital Pixel bro. I using Photoshop from long ago but i don’t know about this. Thanks a lot for Sharing!

  2. Gaurav vichare says:

    i’m glad to hear that you like it . I have computer graphics subject in my engineering syllabus. It helped me write detailed post on pixel.

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    Really nice information you have provided here. With clear definitions…
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