The Move Tool

Move toolMove tool is most simple tool in all available photoshop tools, with very less options.This tool is located at top of photoshop toolbar and this is default tool . Basic function of move tool  is move selected area or entire layer by simply dragging it.  Combining this tool with some keyboard keys adds additional features to the  tool.So let’s learn all functions and features of this tool.

1. Shortcut

You can select move tool from toolbar or shortcut key for move tool is ‘ V ‘ .

2.  Moving object using mouse

  • If you have multiple layers and you want to move objects from specific layer .Then select that layer  from layers panel and click , hold the click , drag object and leave mouse click at required location! This will move all objects present in that layer.
  • If your single layer has multiple objects and you wanted to move specific object , select that object using magic wand tool or quick selection tool . Then select move tool and  move mouse pointer inside selection . Now click , hold the click  , drag mouse  and leave mouse click. Your object is moved to new location !

Now let take an example, We have image with one square , one circle and one pentagon.
Image has three layers-
1. Background layer  has nothing except white background
2. Circle layer has object circle
3. Square-pentagon layer has two objects square and pentagon .

Now select square- pentagon layer , select move tool , click and drag the layer. It will move both square and pentagon .

move layer

Now if you wanted to move only pentagon not square then select pentagon using magic wand tool or quick selection tool . Move mouse pointer inside selection and drag selection . It will move only pentagon not square.

move selection

3.  Move objects using arrow keys

You can move objects ,selection or layers using arrow keys ( ↑ ↓← → )  in increment of 1 pixel .To move object in  increment of 10 pixel hold shift key with arrow keys.  But problem with this method is , you can move objects only horizontal or vertical directions . So it is better to use mouse.

4. Shift & Alt/option key

  •    Holding shift key with move tool , restrict movement to straight line ( horizontal or vertical ) or at angle of 45 degree  (But if you move your object in horizontal direction and you wanted to move it in vertical direction , you have to release click and then again hold click and drag it vertically).
  •    Holding  Alt key with move tool creates copy of the layer.

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