How to install new fonts in photoshop?

In this tutorial we will cover how to install fonts on windows and MAC  machine. Photoshop uses same fonts that are installed on your PC.  So there is no need to install fonts separately in photoshop. Install fonts on pc and use them in photoshop. So lets see how to install fonts. It’s very easy.

  •  Install New font on Windows

  1. Download fonts from websites like , , , .
  2. Extract files if it is in .Zip or .rar format. You will get .TTF or .OTF files.
  3. Double click on that file.A dialogue box will open(see following image).

Intall fonts

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The Move Tool

Move tool

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photoshop panels

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Photoshop interface quick tour part 2 ( photoshop tools)

rectangular morquee tool

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Photoshop interface quick tour part 1

menu bar

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4 basic color mode in photoshop

RGB color mode

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Welcome to Image Dashboard

welcome to image dashboard

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